Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

You can download the report form below.

After filing the form, please drop in a mailbox at room A1-109, A1 building.

What will happen next?

  • The attending veterinarian shall check the letter box every week.
  • The person who receives report shall call for a meeting to arrange investigation on the concerns then consider how to proceed further regarding the raised concern as follow:
    • Investigate the issue by accumulating evidence, related documents, as well as inviting the reported person to justify in the meeting.
    • In case the reported person did violate animal welfare, advise the reported person to stop the reported actions towards animals.
    • IACUC chair shall issue a decision letter to the reported person, report the case to the Institute of Animals for Scientific Purposes Development (IAD) in order to proceed further, and inform to IACUC secretary in order to prepare the case for IACUC committee meeting for consideration and approval of the case.

Your information will be kept confidential.